Jessi Johnson

Writer, Lecturer, Content Creator

Los Angeles, California

Jessi Johnson

Over 8 years of professional writing, editing, and communication experience. One of the youngest lecturers hired at the USC writing program. M.F.A. in Professional Writing from USC. Traveled to 36 countries with personal residency in 5. Worked on foreign policy, travel and lifestyle, video games, and college lesson plans. Inspires others to step outside their front door. Bilingual writer and content creator who believes that there are few feelings that hot tea and ramen can't mend.



Darjeeling Tea Is Only from Darjeeling

A tea plantation in Darjeeling, India is steeped in injustice.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Posts for SEO

Want to optimize your WordPress blog posts for SEO? Here’s some must-know tips! Adding outbound links will help your overall UX, trust factor and SEO. Here’s an article that explains this.

Ponden Hall

This charming English house is believed to have inspired "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Brontë.
Atlas Obscura Link to Story

Aurora Chasers

"Everything in Iceland feels large. Statuesque people. Imposing mountains. Thunderous waterfalls. Light that fills the entire night sky. Huge swathes of untamed land. Even the small things seem filled with a large spirit." "It was past midnight and once again, we had sat for hours in the darkest clearing we could find after researching where others had seen the Northern Lights earlier. We still hadn’t seen more than the misty green road on the first night. It seemed like we had always just missed them, or that they were always a few more miles ahead. " A nonfiction essay about my road trip around Iceland, chasing the elusive Northern Lights, with my patient boyfriend. We are often lost, frozen, and awestruck. As a content warning, I discuss the unhealthy, emotionally abusive relationship between me and my parent.

The Psychology behind Making Sales

When you understand why people decide to buy -- the psychology behind it -- you can predict how they will react to your marketing strategy.

Hogmanay's Torchlight Procession

"Drumbeats. Bagpipes. Bellowing. We marched forward as people from many nations cheered. I felt like we were marching to war – a new year’s battle."

What Makes Consumers Decide to Buy

It’s important to understand what makes consumers decide to buy. This isn’t quite the psychology of buying and selling, but rather the decision steps that customer stake before clicking PURCHASE. Understanding the process will allow you to make strategic decisions at each point. If they decide that this is a good product – if they would buy it – they then decide if they should buy it.

6 Tips for Staying Safe as a Woman Traveler

Traveling as a woman varies person to person, and I don’t want to blanket statement what it’s like. I want to avoid overgeneralizing or asserting opinions as facts. I will, however, write what it was like for ME, as a woman, to travel. And after speaking to multiple women traveler friends, I think it’s safe to say that many women have the same or similar experiences while traveling.

6 Tips to Shoot a Strong Video of Yourself

If you’re in marketing, you’re using video. But not everyone is using a full film crew: sometimes marketing is home-grown, on your own phone. No matter what your product is – fashion, food, leather belts, or yourself – you have to market that product well, and solid shooting is part of that. If you’re making selfie videos (velfies?)

How to Sell and Market Better with Calls-to-Action

As a marketer, you understand how important personalized campaigns are. You’ve made sure the subject line includes the recipient’s name, you’ve tailored content and ads to their needs, and perhaps even added something personal in a video. Now viewer feels like they can trust you because you made something for them instead of being a mass-email robot.

Practicing Self Care at Work

Self-care is absolutely essential in being a healthier person and a better worker.

Why Are You Still Using a Whiteboard in Videos?

How many emails do you send per day trying to sell or advertise something? And approximately how many of those are deleted, you think? But when someone doesn’t delete – when an email actually catches their eye – what makes them click on it? Inboxes are noisy. In 2018, 111.1 billion consumer emails were sent and received per day.


Jessi Johnson

- Lecturer of Writing and Communications at University of Southern California (USC)

- Bilingual multimedia writer who earned an M.A. in Professional Writing from USC

- Writer and Content Editor for Crunchyroll, covering anime and video game news

- Been part of foreign policy creation through the UC San Diego International Relations program

- Writer and Content Editor for Wells Bring Hope, a nonprofit focused on empowering women and bettering infrastructure for multiple countries in West Africa

- Always ready to be swept off on a new adventure, and have enjoyed personal residency in USA, Japan, Bali, Italy, and Cambridge.

- My 6 word memoir: "Well, I thought it was funny."